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The DA Dance Center STAR Dance Program is 45 minutes comprised of ballet, jazz, and fun movement exploration exercises.  Ballet helps with muscle control and agility, while jazz allows for quick movement and upbeat music.  This class is designed to provide students with opportunities for artistic expression through movement to share the love of dance and music with students of all abilities.  Our staff works to adapt choreography as necessary to incorporate all of the students to the best of their ability and allow them to shine.


The DA Dance Center STAR Dance Program welcomes any age and any need.  We believe if someone is having fun in their special needs dance class, they should not be restricted in any way.  We warmly welcome and encourage everyone to give dance a try.  It’s a great hobby and opens up many opportunities for students to meet new friends, enjoy music, express themselves and exercise in a safe and accepting environment.

Where Every Dancer Is A STAR!

The DA Dance Center proudly offers a specialty dance program for students with physical or developmental disabilities including but not limited to Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities requiring use of a wheelchair, walker or other equipment.


Our program is offered to enrich the special needs community through the art of dance and includes customized exercises that expand the students’ range of motion, creativity and social skills.  Class work is further designed to enhance skills in memorization, problem-solving and communication.  Our STAR Dance Progam provides children with the opportunity to explore the world of dance while also developing important cognitive and physical skills.

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